INTERVIEW: Declan Lennon aka Krystal Klear

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IRISH house maestro Dec Lennon, aka Krystal Klear, has blazed a path with his unique combinations of diverse sounds. Blending disco boogie and a dance-til-you-drop house flavour, Krystal Klear is set to return to the Opium Rooms to orchestrate a New Year’s party he hopes you won’t forget. Ahead of the gig, I put some questions to the Dubliner about how 2015 was for Krystal Klear – and how he plans to ring in the new year.

“Exciting was kind of the overall feeling throughout the year,” Declan explained. “Just in terms of the work I was doing, gigs I was playing – every month seemed to turn a more exciting page. So yeah, it’s been a really good year!”

Speaking of the work that he has put in over the past twelve months, Krystal Klear explained that it was getting his own label started that really made 2015 feel truly exciting.

“Well I’m just really proud of starting the label, Cold Tonic, and getting it into the position we’re in now where we’re releasing music and building a really strong audience. And that’s a collective whole, there’s design output as well as music output,” Lennon told me.

“So for me, it’s just really nice to get the foundations off the ground so I can get this [Cold Tonic] to where I want it to go.”

And in terms of excitement, Declan was quick to explain why his upcoming New Year’s gig is primed to set pulses racing.

“Well, playing back to back with one of my favourite DJs in the world, Gerd Janson,” he said. “And for me musically when I’m playing in a back to back situation, it’s much more exciting, because you get to cover a lot more [tracks], a bigger selection.”

There are some big plans in store for the gig, with Lennon explaining that the Opium Rooms is set to undergo a special transformation to guarantee a unique atmosphere.

“Well we’ve decided to do some serious decor for New Year’s Eve, it’s gonna be quite grand and quite the set-up for a New York-style 70s party,” Krystal Klear said.

“We’re gonna try and keep it very authentic. It’s not gonna be so much about lasers and smoke machines as it is about creating a really warm environment that everyone can enjoy themselves in and hopefully not want to leave!”

And I asked Declan if there are any special considerations when planning a gig for New Year’s Eve.

“Well I think New Year’s Eve is a very important party for everyone,” he explained.

“And I’m witness to that, just like everyone else. New Year’s Eve can be a real flop if you’re not careful.

“We’ve all grown up and gone out on New Year’s Eve and thought we were gonna have the biggest and best night but it’s turned into ‘Ah, that was really disappointing’, so you want to defeat the anti-climactic aspect of New Year’s Eve.

“And ultimately, that’s my number one mandate for this night. To make something quite special – individual – that, ringing in the new year is an important occasion, so it’s important that you set off the right way.

“So that involves everything; music, interior – the whole part. So working with the Opium Rooms and that whole team has just been fantastic.”